Custom Computer Builds for Henry County


Want to get that powerful gaming rig that you’ve always dreamed of? Or what about the business desktop that will breeze through software? Well, here at ComputerMd, our professional technicians can build a custom desktop computer that suits your budget and your needs.

Dream of having a computer that no one has? Want a cheaper alternative to today’s market computers, and have double the performance for half the price? Why not create your own computer, you choose the case, the lights, how fast you want it, and what it does. Specialties include, Business Creation, Gaming Creation, Multimedia Creation.


custom computer builds McDonough ga

Your desktop computer is usually the most used machine by your family’s household, or your business. Downtime can create quite a problem when you manage bills online, run a business with it, or keep up to date with today’s new. We offer regular maintenance and upgrades for desktop computers from ALL manufacturers.

Custom computer builds are based on price and quantity of hardware. Standard setup includes:

  • Motherboard
  • Power Supply
  • Processor
  • Heatsink
  • Hard Drive
  • Disc Drive
  • Cabling
  • Graphics Card*
  • Chassis Fans*
  • Shell
  • Operating System*
  • RAM
  • Card Reader Bay*
  • Lighting*
  • USB Expansion Card
  • Firewire Card*

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