Screen Replacement


As we all know, accidents happen. Unfortunately, sometimes those accidents happen to our beloved computers or laptops. Most commonly, laptops will have something dropped on them that will break the laptop screen. In other cases, the laptop itself is dropped only to be picked up with a fractured screen. The damage is done and is  irreversible. ComputerMD can replace your screen affordably and quickly.


laptop screen replacement McDonough ga

Your desktop computer is usually the most used machine by your family’s household, or your business. Downtime can create quite a problem when you manage bills online, run a business with it, or keep up to date with today’s new. We offer regular maintenance and upgrades for desktop computers from ALL manufacturers.

LCD/LED Screen Replacements

Is your laptop computer screen cracked? Broken? Lines in the screen? Discoloration? Dim lighting?  Black laptop display? Get your laptop screen replaced quickly.ComputerMD offers fast and convenient screen replacement services for ALL sized laptops. We stock most screens and can have your laptop fixed in a jiffy.

Common Sizes : 10.1″, 11.1″, 13.1″, 14.1″, 15.4″, 15.6″, 16.1″, 17.1″, 17.3″

Laptop screen problems we support:

  • Cracked screen
  • Dim/black screen
  • Discoloration
  • Bad back light
  • Blinking screen
  • Intermittent display
  • Image goes in and out
  • Lines on screen
  • Dead pixels
  • Fuzzy image

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